Общероссийская общественная организация инвалидов
вследствие психических расстройств и их семей
"Новые возможности"

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Сборник Преодоление

Люди с психиатрическим опытом и их близкие о себе откровенное и сокровенное.

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Жизнь продолжается, а потому мы ждем новых поучительных историй читателей на нашем форуме

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You are looking forward to reading quite a number of narratives by persons with mental health problems and their relatives who are all members of the All-Russia Society of Persons with disabilities “New Choices” and our peers from various native and international community-based support groups, such as European Federation of Associations of Families of People with Men-tal Illness (EUFAMI) and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI).

Our characters, being common people afflicted with uncommon fates, are going to share with the reader their experience in overcoming or coping mental disorder, describe their hit-and-miss way to recovery, thus facilitating their followers’ way to this goal.

Our book is believed to be of use to all patients determined to assist themselves to win a victory over their severe disease and to help them avoid feeling their way to recovery by their own experience, thus saving their time and efforts.

Our studies may be helpful for all those taking care of mental patients: their relatives and friends, professionals, that is, psychiatrists and general practi-tioners, healthcare managers and decision-makers, clinical psychologists, medical staff, social workers, employment specialists, as well as for employers, high school and university teachers and their students, mass-media people, and legislators — in short, all caring, considerate people involved anyway in mental health problems, willing to gain an insight into mental patients’ souls, share, and hence, relieve their suffering and burden, help them in word and deed.

Our collective (“team”) work may contribute to a fruitful and versatile discussion of some ways to provide the most efficient and safe aid and support for people with severe mental problems and their families.

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